Steampunk Series

My senior year has definitely had a theme in steampunk. I’ve decided to show my progress in each piece that I had to my steampunk jewelry series. I hoping on things going well and the series getting put into the senior show in May. So far I have a pendant and a pair of earrings completed but there will be more done next semester. There will be a bracelet and ring that I would like to add. If I have more time after that I might make different pieces.

The earrings have a bezel made from brass that match the bezel around the watch movements in the pendant. I would like to continue this look with the rest of the pieces. The bezels were a solution to hold the watch movements because I was afraid that soldering them would ruin the pieces. The bezels in themselves add to the steampunk look because they look like keys on the gears. I would like to revisit the pieces I’ve done to fix some finishing touches such as the chain the pendant hangs on and possible the earring leaver backs. This series will relate to the steampunk sculpture project that I am also working on. So I hope to have all the pieces in the senior show because I feel that they really work with each other.

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