Illustration Careers: They Really Exist!

Hey guys! I hope you are having great holidays, the new year is quickly approaching, and some of you may be thinking about adding an art minor to tack on, or even switching majors for a new year and new you!

There is a wonderful list of career options up on our art blog, and I’d love to highlight a few of them for you!

Animation: Animation is a very interesting and modern day style career. While a lot of the programs used to animate are constantly changing, with experience in stretching and walking models, as well as making model sheets, you can get a job in not only the movie industry, but also gaming. Movies nowadays are also filled with special effects, that if you have the right skill set, you can work with cgi!

Book Illustration: While when thinking of books you may immediately think of children’s books and you wouldn’t be wrong; a book artist can also do book covers and chapter illustrations for fantasy and sci-fi stories.

Character Design: This is a cool one because it can be used for games, movies, shows, and can cover cartoons and realism. They can be put into art books, make their way into Disney movies, or even put into games such as Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons.

character design

One of my own characters named Nuri

Caricaturist: While most people think that caricatures are just for boardwalks and water parks, a lot of artists in this type of work also do celebrity and historical figures for newspapers and magazines.

Editorial Illustration: I went to editorial next because these are a logical transition from caricatures. You may not need to only do caricatures, but you can jump in on ads, and art that is placed for articles that can’t or don’t want photos. Editorial illustrations can also put you in digital magazines, online papers, and more!

Graphic Novels and Comics: Comics and sequential art are very big right now, with the most well known being any DC and Marvel stories being made into movies and tv shows. But if you’re into comics, you know that there is plenty of work in webcomics. A lot of artists are able to follow their comic dreams by publishing on their own websites and using sites such as Patreon to get paid.


A small web comic I’ve worked on

There are many more, and the sky is the limit as long as you work hard. Heck, you may end up working in a career that doesn’t even exist yet! You could design your own board game, or turn it into a fine art career! My point is, that there are definitely jobs and a place for illustrators out there, just gotta know how to look, how to jump in, or how to create it yourself! If you want to learn more about an illustration career, get in contact with the head of the department, Steven Brower, at

Til next week guys, keep on creating!

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