Lauren Hom

Majoring in Graphic Design is a lot of fun. You end up spending hours upon hours checking out the latest trends and styles of design and using it to inspire you or help you spark new ideas.

One of my all time favorite Designers is Lauren Hom. She is such a fun designer. One of the main things she does is hand lettering, which I LOVE. She has such a fun personality and you can see it in her work.

She uses bubbly and fun color palettes which I really enjoy. Color is something that I absolutely love when designing. Choosing colors is such a exciting part of a design process. Along with that her quotes she uses are humorous and entertaining, which also makes her designs interesting.

Having inspirations when designing is a huge part of the process. These inspirations can be people or things. It can be seriously anything that’s what is fun about it, but Lauren Hom is definitely a designer to check out. See more of her work at

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