Art that Makes You Think

Now that the fall semester is over and I am back home for break, I had the chance to go visit the Baltimore Museum of Art and National Gallery of Art in D.C while visiting a friend! It is always so interesting to see all of the different pieces displayed in these museums. My absolute favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh, and some of his works were shown at the National Gallery of Art. The brush strokes used in his pieces and the movement through his color really draw me into his work. These qualities really create such wonder for those looking at his work and truly get inspired. His beautiful works are definitely a great way to get a visitor to stop and think.

van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, 1889. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C

Stepping away from paintings, there are also sculptures and installations that really get your mind going! When first walking into the Baltimore Museum of Art, fascinating glass sculptures were presented in the entryway with the sun hitting in all of the right places. This sculpture is displayed above the entrance and involves a stairway to get closer, it really involved the viewer. From the many intersecting strings and the sun hitting the colored glass, so many thoughts rushed through my head! Where did this idea come from? Why this material? Why these certain colors and shapes? I just had so many questions, this piece was too intriguing not too!

unnamed (3)

Tomas Saraceno’s Entangled Orbits. Baltimore Museum of Art, 2017.

Moral of the story here is…  art therapy may not always come from an assessment, session, or even creating a piece yourself, it can come from the thoughts and inspirations coming from the beauty that stands in front of you.

Featured image: Entangled Orbits, Tomas Saraceno. 2017

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