Stickers in the Making

In last week’s post, I talked about the possibility of making a RedBubble page in the near future. Little did I know that the near future was less than a week later! I just created one on a whim, and here I am with a couple designs already up on the website. It is such an incredible feeling having my work out in the open, and that now anyone could potentially buy my creations. The process was so simple, it almost seemed unreal that I got designs up so quickly.

When I was younger, I used to buy stickers off this website all the time so it’s crazy to think that now I’m one of the artists people are buying from. RedBubble is really cool to me because it allows independent artists to submit designs, and they can be put on anything. Literally anything you can think of. So far I’ve only designed stickers, but I could also put my artwork on clothing, posters, tapestries, pillows, clocks, mugs, notebooks, iPhone cases; you name it. They’ve got something for everyone and I love the concept of the company. I definitely think it’s a good start for my graphic design career. I’m getting my work out there for people to look at, and I’m even going to make an Instagram page to showcase my graphic design work sometime in the future.

My personal style is also being shown so far through the stickers I’ve already created. When I design, I make things that I would want to buy for myself. I love putting stickers on my laptop, and that is what I plan to do with the stickers I’ve already made! So far, I’ve already designed some beachy themed items, huge surprise, and I also love four leaf clovers so I made a sticker of one as well. I want to make cute designs that are relatable to lots of other people, but that I like a lot as well. I love the simplicity of it too. I have a signature move of creating watercolor designs, so I can take a simple shape like a clover or an anchor and put a neat pattern on the inside of it. All the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to keep designing stickers in my free time, and who knows, I could end up doing this as a future career.


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