Still Flying

In my interactive II class this semester we have the opportunity to work with the organization Still Flying. Still Flying is a non profit organization that is helping seniors get smart homes so they can live independently in their homes while also helping fight loneliness in seniors. The organization provides iPads, tablets, and Alexa’s. They also offer “Smart Cafes” where seniors can go and spend some time with volunteers and get some help with their tech.

My class is tasked with rebuilding their website. Our first step was to create a logo and have them choose which one best reflected what they were going for. We all created a logo and then had a critique on them before we sent them over to the client. The logo that was chosen was designed by junior design student Matt Catanzaro.

Once the logo was approved, we were tasked with designing the homepage. We started with a photoshop mockup, and then created the homepage in wordpress. Everyone in the class had the opportunity to pitch their design in hopes that their website design is chosen. I found this really beneficial because it allowed the students to work on their public speaking, but also feel what it would be like to pitch a project in the real world.

Spring 2019 Interactive Design II Class with Still Flying representatives

Once the design is chosen, as a class we will work together to build the website, so stay tuned to see the final result! If you are interested in volunteering with Still Flying, or know a senior who can benefit from one of their smart cafes please call (570) 335-7378 or email for more information


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