Still Trying New Things

In my last post, I created an abstract mixed media piece of work that really ended up resonating with me. It is no secret that I haven’t been feeling the most creative lately but this week I wanted to continue down the path of making art with no clear intentions other than making myself produce art.  I pulled out some materials that I haven’t touched in a long time and got to thinking.  

This week I worked with oil pastels on acrylic canvas paper to create a self-portrait. Like last week, I kind of just started creating without thinking about order or color scheme. I just made myself get into the flow of letting go and trusting myself to make all sorts of mistakes- I found a photo of myself, turned on Netflix, and got to work.

I began with a really loose outline sketch to map out the face on the page, and then the next thing I knew, I was done.  Normally, it takes me a few hours to even consider a piece finished, but, this exercise got me subconsciously thinking about composition and color placement.

This week doesn’t have a great revelation, but, I am happy to have the opportunity to make myself create, broaden my skill set, and share the journey.

As I am making decisions on my future and really trying to find myself as an artist, I am thinking about ways that I can really break out into my own and create art that has an essence.

Sometimes the best way to cure burn out is by creating with no boundaries or judgment.

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