T-shirt Design

This summer has been very random, or I should say eclectic. I started off the summer looking for internships. I found one, did it for two months during lock down, then I finished it. After that I didn’t have anything really planned. I am a very organized and driven person, I like planning things out: I have a four year course class sheet that outlines all the classes I wanted to take that I made the first semester freshman year, and I even made up a debt sheet telling me how much money I owe. I really like updating and tracking and changing these planners. Then summer shows up and I have pretty much no plans which is not the best for me, as I tend to get really lazy when I don’t have a schedule. But like I have said in a previous blog, God’s given me opportunities. One opportunity I worked on this week.

Delight Ministries is a Christian women’s group that I am a part of. One of my friends Ivy, a leader, asked me to make a t- shirt design for them. I don’t have it finished, I just started sketches and research this week so this is just a progress update of sorts.

Like most other projects I work on I do best when looking at references. So… I went to pintrest. I love pintrest. I found a couple interesting design options that I could modify and some awesome color palette ideas. What caught my eye were two tones in the same hue, the pink on maroon, or the gray on black. It was interesting and different from my usual black and white inked designs.

Then, I hit the sketchbook. I did a bunch of small sketches of different ideas, most were heavy on typography and layout rather than a illustration. I am not sure what I like best or if I could come up with an illustration. The ones I have so far transferred to illustrator were the typographic designs.

sketchbook with illustrator file open on screen

I have a lot to futz with still, with continuous ideas floating in my head so who knows where this will actually go from here. Hopefully it ends in a t-shirt.

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