Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Tutoni

Hello again! This week we have Gabrielle Tutoni, an Art Ed major with a love for Vincent van Gogh and Tim Burton.

Meet Gabriellebeach me

Name:  Gabrielle Tutoni, Class of  2020

Major:  Art Education

Minor: Considering Art History

I am majoring in Art because:  It something I have always loved to do. I love working with my hands and crafting and I have always wanted to share that love with other people. Since I was little I have pictured myself teaching and I knew that I wanted to continue with art as well,  so art education was the perfect choice.

The kinds of things that inspire me are: I really like Vincent van Gogh and especially Tim Burton.  I think Tim Burton is an absolute genius. I love the morbid and “out-there” kind of style he has. It’s so unique and intriguing. You can look at his work and instantly be able to tell that it’s his because there isn’t much like it out there. I think it’s amazing the way his mind works; he never fails to make me fall in love with his creations.

My favorite class so far was: 3D Design. I feel like I’m progressing artistically in this class and figuring out my style a bit more with it. My teacher, Dennis Corrigan, is like a mad scientist and it’s wonderful. He is a fantastic teacher and all of the projects are really hands-on and fun, so there is never a dull moment. I think his style of art is super cool as well, so it’s really interesting and helpful to get his perspective on projects. (Note from Jordan: If anyone hasn’t yet, you should check out Dennis’ office. Its amazing!)

When I’m not in class:  I’m somewhere around campus working on projects, doing homework, or just having a good time with my friends. I also like to spend a lot of time doing outdoorsy things and going on hikes, but if I’m not doing any of that you can usually find me watching movies in my dorm.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was:  Going on the trip to N.Y.C.. Even though I live in New York I’ve only been to the city about once or twice. I have always wanted to go back because I remember loving it so much so it was really awesome to go and explore the museums and experience the city again.

When I graduate: I hope to have more exposure to the world, be headed into a good job that I love, and have some awesome memories to look back on from college.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: It really is an amazing program that we have here. There is so much talent and creativity to work with and everyone is so nice and willing to work with you. The teachers are all great and really help push you in the direction that best helps your skills grow. The environment in general is so relaxed and easy to work in so that no matter what you’re doing you will almost always be enjoying it.

Some of Gabrielle’s Work:

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

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