Living Picture

This past week was midterms but also the start of spring break here at Marywood University. Midterms wasn’t that bad due to most of mine being papers but, being an average college student, I procrastinated and finished the night before. So that obviously caused a lot of stress, completely my fault. Thankfully I do not have Friday classes so I was able to go home early. I was also able to see my friends that I haven’t seen since December.

While I was home, I took the opportunity and had them help me with a project for my Honors Art History class called Tableaux Vivant, which is basically another way of saying a “living picture.” I have to take a work of art we studied in class and recreate it with friends. I decided to recreate The Rape of Proserpina by Bernini in the 17th century. It turns out it was harder than it looked. I was going to use my boyfriend’s dog as the three-headed dog behind them but due to the dog not wanting to work with me, I had to settle with another friend being a dog with another head as scooby doo. I also had my friend wear a “crown” (it was a tiara) since Hades in the sculpture is wearing one. It was very fun but stressful due to the positioning of the bodies. I could not get it right for the life of me but I think it looks good enough. Hopefully my class recognizes it.


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