Creative Stimulation

Every artist goes through the struggle of creativity block, but modern technology is a great thing for aspiring artists. I’m sure almost every person who has accessed the internet at any time has heard of the popular site Pinterest. It’s a cute little site with do-it-yourself tutorials, and is aptly named “The World’s Catalog of Ideas.” However, the site is great for more than just cupcake tutorials and inspiring quotes.

Pinterest is a great site for idea generation. The featured image today is just what I found when searching the keyword “typography.” The site has thousands of ideas and other works from artists that can provide inspiration in a pinch. Typography is only one example of a keyword that I searched. By searching “illustration,” thousands of illustrations by other artists appear, with some in watercolor, pen, pencil, charcoal, and a multitude of other mediums. By searching “graphic design,” poster ideas, logo designs, Photoshop designs, and many more appear.

Although it’s great for idea generation, the works on the site should not be copied. Some ideas, color schemes, fonts, or design elements can be used in your own work, but be sure to remain true to the original artist and refrain from copying, or taking credit for, their work. It’s a wonderfully creative site that every artist should check out if they get the chance. Regardless of the medium, this site has ideas from other artists that can help relieve the stress of a creative block. You never know what you may find when you look!

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