When in Paris…

Spring Break= Having the best week of your semester

This spring break I was given the opportunity to go to Paris for a week. I was so excited to travel to Paris and I am so happy that I am able to come on this trip. Being able to be in Paris has been incredible, to just be visiting museums that hold work I have seen on projector screens is amazing. Seeing and surrounding myself in the art that is here has been so inspiring.  To immerse myself into a culture that is so similar yet so different than my own is truly an humbling experience. Believe it or not, this is a spring break trip is actually considered as an art course. In addition to visiting Paris and exploring the art here, all students on the trip must create an artwork of our own using any type of medium.

For my final piece I am going to be doing a print. I’m still throwing some ideas around as to what I would like to do subject matter wise, but I will definitely  be doing a print. With the different methods of printmaking available, it might turn out to be a printed collage or it might turn out to be a blind embossing. No matter the subject matter I know for sure that it will be a favorite out of all the work that I have ever created.

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