Student Spotlight: Georisell Vazquez

Welcome back! This week we have Illustration major Georisell Vazquez. Georisell is a sophomore who loves to find inspiration in different places and hopes to illustrate books and book covers one day.

Meet GeorisellHeadshot Gvazquez

Name: Georisell Vazquez, Class of 2019

Major: Illustration

Minor: Considering Painting or Art History

I am majoring in Art because: Art has always been the way to my heart. Since I was a kid, my mom always said I had been born with a crayon in my hand. I spent some time after high school, working jobs I was miserable at. When I lost my job, I realized I wanted to do more. My passions lay elsewhere, so I decided to go after the things that made me happy, instead of just working for things I didn’t care about. The rest is history!

The kinds of things that inspire me are: I listen to all sorts of music, I follow different artists on social media, and I love art and fiction books. Fantasy books are especially my favorites. I’m always looking for something new to inspire me. I’m a big nerd too, so I’m always watching cartoons, playing video games, or reading comics. Not to mention I’m always looking at the sky or plants, and just nature in general. I’m a big supporter of finding inspiration from a bunch of different sources. Not only will you learn a lot from people who have created before you, but it opens your mind to help you become much more creative, and you’ll never run out of material.

My favorite classes so far were: Visual Concepts and Painting I. I feel like I’ve definitely learned so much in both. In painting, I’ve learned about colors and how they affect one another. In Visual Concepts, I have learned how to take an idea and take it from the planning stages to a final piece.

When I’m not in class:  I’m usually reading or watching YouTube videos about art. I love to watch sketchbook flipthroughs and speed draws, as well as color tutorials. Of course I’m always drawing too, so I usually have ear buds in as I do that, but hopefully I don’t come off as too standoffish when I do that!

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was: Besides this? I think going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (as part of the Marywood Art Department trip) was completely and totally amazing. I loved looking at pieces in person. There was even a watercolor show, which is one of my favorite mediums. I loved it so much I got a membership.

When I graduate: I hope I will be doing something along the lines of illustrating books and book covers. I would also like to look into getting my Master’s so I could someday teach at the college level.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: The teachers are amazing and really want you to learn and grow as an artist. In just the three months of being here I have learned so much I could apply to my future career and art in general. They’re also very encouraging, and willing to help me when I have questions, which I always do!

Who is your favorite artist? My favorite artists range, but I currently love Kim Jung Gi, who does amazing art in terms of perspective. He can draw pretty much anything, in any position, from memory, so I’m working hard to try and reach that goal.

Some of Georisell’s Work

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Georisell! To view more of Georisell’s work check out her instagram.

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