Student Spotlight: Kaitlin Jensen

Name: Kaitlin JensenIMG_1473

Major: Art History

Minor: Business

Graduation year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? I am an art major because I find it interesting and I believe that through art we can Express more than we can through words. I believe that it’s important to do this because if not then a lot of people wouldn’t understand what exactly happened in the past and we won’t be able to relate it to our present so I majoring in art because I just think it’s a beautiful way to express who we are and how we feel and I want to have a part of that.

What inspired you? I’m inspired by a lot of different artists who have passed away modern art isn’t really my thing so I’m never really inspired by that but definitely by the old masters likes his arm and I guess Picasso they’re really fun to look at And go over and just see how art has been changed. Specifically, I think I’m inspired by just normal people creating art so definitely student art rather than a professional artist from this period of time.

What has been your favorite class so far? My favorite class has to be in the art In pre-colonial Latin America. I enjoyed this because it was a lot of fun to learn about the culture that inspired a lot of very prominent cultures today. It was also a lot of fun to see the different media that they used as well as the mediums that we still used today that were invented them. It’s also interesting to me because it’s a subject that’s not often studied and is just now being brought into the four white and I feel like it will definitely affect art in the coming years.

Coolest thing you’ve done so far? The coolest thing I’ve done so far at Marywood was take a jewelry class which I’m currently in right now. In this class I was able to bend metal and create it into something that’s wearable and I think that’s a lot of fun and it’s an experience that not a lot of people have so I’m really grateful for it. This experience is something I feel is just I don’t want to stop because it’s unique and I can make a lot of different things with one simple piece of metal and I definitely recommend that people take this class.

What are your plans after you graduate? My plans after I graduate are to intern at a large museum and hopefully eventually work there as a curator I also definitely plan on doing some drawings and paintings on the side because I do really enjoy creating art as well maybe I’ll even make jewelry on the side but that’s more of an expensive hobby then painting. I also hope to possibly teach in our history class someday so there’s that Marywood please hire me.

Would you recommend the art program? I would recommend Marywood’s Art program to any incoming freshman because it’s definitely a program that has a lot of experience teachers a lot of the pressers know what they’re doing and are eager to help their students which I think a lot of schools don’t have. Not to mention that we have a variety of classes that teach you all different kinds of art so even if you don’t like drawing you can do design or sculpture it’s definitely something for all interests.

Two artworks you love? Two artworks that I really like are the Ghent altarpiece by Jan Van Eyk  and it’s believed that his brother also worked on it but there’s no proof. And I also like his figure emerging from Lotus flower which is a pre-colonial Latin American art and it doesn’t have an artist these two definitely inspire me and I relate to them because they’re different in with the figure emoji emerging from Lotus flower is something that it’s fun to look at because we don’t know why it was me we don’t know how it was made and I feel like from something that long ago and have something so detailed is definitely interesting especially since the culture is believed to be from wasn’t as advanced as other Other cultures in that area. As for the Ghent altarpiece I enjoy it because I love oil painting and is one of the first works that truly exploits the abilities of oil painting not to mention that it’s just so beautifully detailed and the fault of the drapery is something that I feel a lot of people would still have trouble replicating. Well I don’t exactly like Jan Van Eyk’s work as a whole that one work definitely stands out to me about through all others.

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