Student Spotlight: Kaitlyn Wagner

Back at’cha again!  This week, I’m bringing it home to the illustration department with a good friend of mine, Kaitlyn Wagner.  Kaitlyn and I have A LOT of classes together being in the same year and major, so I figured she’d be a great person to introduce you to.  Here she is!

Meet Kaitlyn: IMG_3523

Name: Kaitlyn Wagner, Class of 2018
Major: Illustration

I am majoring in art because I have always loved to create stories out of images and have been creating my own illustrated stories, albeit in varying degrees of success, since grade school. When I learned I could major and make a career out of my passion, I knew that there was nothing else I could, or would want to do.  

The kinds of things that inspire me are Gothic literature, fantasy, graphic novels, villains, and ink drawings.

My favorite class so far was Figure Drawing II because it allowed me to study the basics and just allow myself to get lost in the curves of the body and folds of the fabric.

When I’m not in class I enjoy being a huge nerd with my friends and roommate. I can also be found working alongside Peter Hoffer in efforts to set up the Student Printmaking Archives and the Print Guild, and creating the posters for Ally Club.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was definitely helping to bring the Print Archive and Print Guild to the public’s viewing. I am extremely humbled to be working alongside such a talented and incredibly insightful artist such as Peter Hoffer, as well as helping to bring notoriety to thousands of students’ art pieces— accumulating to nearly two-thousand prints and approximately four decades worth of work.

When I graduate I hope to create my own series of graphic novels and work with comic studios such as Dark Horse.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because of the close-knit relationship all of the art students have with one another, as well as the availability and wide variety of courses and instructors, some of which are hard to come across in quiet towns like Scranton.

Some of Kaitlyn’s Work:


You said it, Kaitlyn! We are so beyond fortunate for the amazing classes, people, and resources we have available to us here on our beautiful, little campus!  As someone who was not made for city-slicking, I completely agree!  You can get to know Kaitlyn better at an Ally Club meeting, or catch her hanging around Shields and Insalaco with the rest of us Illustration goons. Until next time!

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