Student Spotlight: Madison Hegarty

Hello! This week’s student spotlight is featuring a very talented freshman, Madison Hegarty. Madison has a wide range of interests in the art world, that add to her skill set as an artist. Her art is very personal and expresses her as a person. Enjoy!

MEET MADISON:Photo, student

Name: Madison Hegarty, Class of 2020

Major: Painting

I am majoring in Art because it’s a great way to express yourself. I think art is a great way for people to be able to escape. There’s no wrong answer when you are making art.

The kinds of things that inspire me are my friends and family because I spend so much time with them that I like to capture the memories through art. For example, I made a print of my brother and I from when we were little. Now I have a captured moment from one of my favorite memories.

My favorite class so far was basic drawing because I like learning about composition and I love Mark Webber as a teacher.

When I’m not in class I’m studying or hanging out with my friends. School work keeps me occupied most of the time but being with my friends are like my escape from all the work.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was spend an hour and a half on drawing on one of Mark Webber’s composition assignments because I didn’t know anything about composition before that, but now I feel like I know so much.

When I graduate I want to open an art gallery because I want people to appreciate art like I do.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the art teachers take the time to make sure you know everything well and do techniques correctly and the classes are also small enough to build a personal relationship with each teacher to know each other better.


Thank you Madison for sharing your work! When I was in high school, I drew all my inspiration for family and memories as well so I really enjoyed learning of that similarity! Love your work, keep it up, & welcome to the Marywood art family!

See you next week!

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