Student Spotlight: Sara Burgos

Sara Burgos is a Senior Painting student here at Marywood University! I had one class with Sara and her artwork always caught my eye. I decided to interview Sara because her style has always interested me. Let’s get to know Sara!

Name: Sara Burgos

Year of Graduation: Class of 2022

Major: Painting

Minor(s): Art History, Sculpture

I am majoring in Art because… I have always loved expressing my ideas by creating things with my own hands. I was inspired in high school by my art teacher, Ms. Alison Easlick, at Lanape Regional High School in New Jersey, and have ever since wanted to continue my creative journey and share it with others. 

The kinds of things that inspire me are… plants and animals and the way that they interact with their environment. Nature is so interesting to me in the sense that there are so many different colors, patterns and textures that exist naturally in the world. 

My art favorite classes so far were… printmaking and jewelry making class. They are both outside of my primary interest in painting and have pushed me creatively to learn new techniques and styles created by artists I had never learned about before. 

When I am not in class… I’m working on my own personal projects, preparing for upcoming exhibitions and teaching art at NativityMiguel middle school as well as the Scranton JCC. I am also often in the Athletic Center lifting weights and practicing volleyball. 

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was… break the record for most career assists on the Marywood Women’s Volleyball team

When I graduate… I plan to continue my education and earn my MFA in illustration at Marywood in the Get Your Masters With The Masters program while coaching volleyball and working on my career and achieving my goal of becoming an art teacher. 

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because… the small class sizes give you plenty of attention, the studio spaces are large, and the professors are each so different in their own interests and styles that you have the opportunity to receive advice and criticism from many different perspectives. 

“…the professors are each so different in their own interests and styles…”

What excites me most about Art is… that it is a meaningful way to express ideas, commentary on current and past events and even a way to record your own personal history as an artist and a person. 

What is your favorite movement in art and how does it influence you? I have always enjoyed abstract expressionism as well as installation art. Both of these movements offer a space for conversations about the suggested ideas and are often perfect for exploring your personal reactions to these abstract and intangible ideas we all often experience in everyday life. 

Thank you guys for reading! I loved getting to know Sara and learning more about her style! I hope you guys enjoyed as well! Tune in to our next student spotlight blog in two weeks! Till then!


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