Student Spotlight: Skylar Conway

Name: Skylar Conway

Major: Illustration

Minor: Undecided

Graduation Year: 2022

I am majoring in Art because: Illustration defines my life in so many ways. I think my drawings say the most about myself and I want to use this skill in a career. Illustration is storytelling at its finest with the capability to show emotion and attitude graphically with few words.


The kinds of things that inspire me are: children’s books, cartoons, and comics that I’ve come across throughout my life as well as nature, animals, and femininity. (Shout outs to Frederick and Frog and Toad!) 

My favorite class: So far has been English. The content is usually very inspiring and thought provoking to me.

When I’m not in class: I’m hiking, playing video games, hanging out with my family, or pursuing other creative outlets like photography, videography, or embroidery.

The coolest thing I’ve done: So far has maybe been driving to Tennessee to see the total solar eclipse or maybe just being a great cat mom. Very cool!


When I graduate: I hope to have a career in book illustration. 

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because:  As a freshman, I’m still learning a lot about Marywood, but I’m definitely having fun while doing it!

My favorite medium is: probably ink and watercolor, or collage.

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