Studio Prep

Well guys, there’s only one week left until the fall 2017 semester begins! Honestly the thing I miss most about being away at school is the freedom and convenience of making art work whenever I please! I’ve been waiting to get back on the pottery wheel all summer, I may just drop my boxes off at my apartment and head to the studio! Marywood offers 24/7 access to the art studios with your student ID! I’ve spent countless evenings in the studio, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. This semester I am taking Ceramics I and Advanced Painting. Both of these require an immense amount of studio time, and I couldn’t be more excited.

One of the major perks to being in advanced painting is being able to have your own studio space! I have been attempting to stockpile supplies all summer that way my studio will have everything I need! Pinterest has also given me a few creative hacks for my studio! I have seen a few different ways to organize all your paints for easy access, by putting a binder clip on the end of each tube, to help squeeze all of the paint out. This also always the tube to be hung on a wooden board with nails coming out. In the coming days I’m going to attempt to make some of these hacks that way I can be prepared to move into my studio!


Images courtesy of Pinterest and Buzzfeed

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