DIY Dreamcatcher 

Step 1: WRAP

You’ll need thick wire bent into a circle. Size is your choice. Next, take twine and wrap the wire completely around. You can add a loop if you would like.

Step 2: Weave

I used embroidery floss to make the center I just found it to be easier. First, tie the string to the circle and loosely wrap it around. Make sure to leave spaces as you wrap.

Step 3: Weave (continued)

Continue to wrap the floss around. When you’ve completely went around the circle continue onto the second row.  Do this by putting the string through the loops you’ve made. 


continue to go through each loop until it starts to fill in the circle. Pull on the string to stretch the loops. It makes it easier to see how far you have to go until its complete. When it’s to the point that you want it filled you can add a bead if you want and make a tight knot.

You can add feathers and beads by hanging them off extra string. Decorate it anyway you’d like and have fun!

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