Game Art

The amount of time and effort that goes into the artwork of video games is incredible and isn’t always noticed and appreciated. Designing and illustration for video games is also a good career area for illustrators to look into. As technology gets better it increases the realism and ability to make games look amazing. There is the two dimensional aspect of character design and concept art, and then the three dimensional of making everything come to life on a screen. Not only is the physical artwork important, but so is creating a cohesive story, character development, emotion, and music. Each of these areas can make or break the success of a video game. The same can be applied to any piece of artwork that you do, being conscious of why you are creating your art will make you more attached to it and will in turn have you work harder.

One game that I have played recently that is worth trying is called Horizon Zero Dawn. You play as a strong female character who had been outcast at birth and is trying to uncover the past in a world full of robotic dinosaurs. The graphics are amazing and the environment has many beautiful sections. Each section whether it is a desert, forest, tundra has unique cities and dinosaurs specific to the area. It is a kind of game that breaks away from typical overused genres and gives gamers a new experience.


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