One Last Trip

This weekend I went on one last trip before having to go back to school. My friend invited me to go to Bloomsburg with her on Friday and then Saturday go to Knoebels. I just had to say yes because I haven’t been to Knoebels since I was a little kid.

On Friday, we left home around nine o’clock. Bloomsburg is around a hour and twenty minutes away so I had some time to take a nap. When we got there we unloaded the stuff that my friend brought for her apartment. The whole day we mostly took trips to different stores. We went to the Bloomsburg bookstore so my friend could buy her books for school and I could buy a Bloomsburg souvenir. After that we went to Walmart to pick up some things that she needed for her apartment. Later that day, we actually had to take another trip to Walmart. Let’s just say I’ve never been to Walmart two times in one day!

Anyways, the good part about Friday was that I got to meet a very friendly white cat. I decided to call him Scar because some of his fur was missing across his face making it look like he had some form of scar. Scar was so friendly he waited outside my friend’s apartment for us. It was so cute!

So as Saturday came around, we decided that before going to Knoebels we’d stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. After a delicious breakfast, we headed to Knoebels and was very surprised when we got there. The parking lot was almost at its maximum! I don’t even think I’ve seen that many cars at Dorney Park! We thought this meant that the lines for the rides were going to be extremely long, but believe it or not they weren’t. All of the rides were fun especially the park’s one roller coaster, The Phoenix, it was amazing. I even got to see a deer at the park during the train ride around the park.

This trip was a great trip end my summer with because it was with friends that I don’t really get to see a lot during the school year. Knoebels was definitely the most exciting part of the weekend. I didn’t remember just how fun it was!

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