Success in the Summer

Hi all! I hope everyone is starting their summer vacation out with some time spent relaxing. I moved out last week and have been slowly but surely settling back into being home in New Jersey. When I arrived home I updated and added some listings to my Etsy shop. Within the next day I received a message through my Etsy account asking if I would be willing to have some of my work shown and sold at a gallery about an hour away! The gallery takes a certain percentage of the profit, and it is used to help their non-profit organization allow the disabled and elderly have art programs. This totally fits in with my love for art therapy, so of course I’m super excited about it! I don’t have much information about the gallery/organization yet, but once I get more I’d love to share it with you guys! I’m going to drop my pieces off tomorrow and talk about the prices with the founder. As of now they asked me to bring up to 10 pieces to show and sell, so I selected a variety of items. I’m super excited to be getting my work out there, and to help support an awesome cause that fits right into my passion! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated with this exciting news!


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