Try Try Again

Three pieces are completed for my current sculpture project but the fourth piece didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I’ve been showing bits and pieces of what I was working on in Sculpture III but it still isn’t complete yet. This past week I was waiting for the fourth and final piece to come out of the kiln. It’s made of glass and is not easy to cast. The first piece of glass I cast came out beautiful but this last one didn’t work. The kiln I used for the last one was broken and no one knew. The white one was supposed to be air and it filled only half way with glass. It also cracked in half when I took it out of the mold. This could have been from the the kiln not getting hot enough to melt the glass properly. I told my teacher what had happened and she was very understanding. So when the semester starts up again I will be trying to recast the last piece!

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