Summer Adventures

This week has been a very busy week. My mom and I went painting again, I went to the zoo with my boyfriend, and I got a job at an ice cream place. My mom decided to paint snoopy which she regretted pretty fast due to how little the piece was and how careful she had to be with painting the glazes on. In the end it turned out nice so in 2 weeks we will see it all shiny along with our last pieces, the shamrock, the flower, and the heart I did this week. Ever since my mom told her friends about this place people have been wanting to go with us. Now it looks like we are going every week. Due to this I’m going to have to give some of these things away as gifts because I’ll have way too many in my room.

I’m planning on painting on a glass wine cup this upcoming week. I been searching on Pinterest for ideas and there are a lot with flowers and trees so I’m hoping I can pull it off.

This week I also went to a zoo called Claws and Paws. It’s a small place but they had many animals, from exotic birds to lions. We were also able to feed most of the animals, they were very friendly and were even putting off a show for us. I really want to go back on a day that’s cool and not 90 degrees so I can bring my sketchbook and sit in front of the animals and sketch them.

I am really excited for the rest of the summer before my junior year starts!

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