A Trip to the Met

This week a few of my friends and I hopped on a train to go into the city (New York City). Surprisingly our main goal for the outing was not the MET art museum, but a free classical music concert in the park nearby. For only a few hours, we visited the wings of the museum we wanted to see the most and knew we would be back soon.

Each time you go into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is a new experience. Maybe one time you go with a different group of people or see different wings of the museum. I’ve gone to the Met a few times and each time I learned more and enjoyed more art even if I go through sections I’ve seen before.

One of my friends was interested in an exhibit that was featured. The American photographer was Irving Penn whom I’ve never heard of, but wanted to learn more about and see his work because of my friend’s interest. As an early photographer, many of the pictures were in black and white. It was interesting to see quotes about his passion for the camera as well as his photographs of various famous people and everyday workers. The pictures were amazing to see and walk through as the photos turned from black and white to color.

We were also able to go to the Greek and Roman statue rooms which I absolutely love. Some of the figures made of marble are unbelievable and I always wonder what was in the sculptor’s mind during a sculpture’s creation. The intricate details of wavy hair and smooth curves of the figure never cease to bring back inspiration. It is not a successful trip to the Met without walking through at least one sculpture room.

The short trip was a great opportunity to find a new artist and revisit some old ones for me. I was even able to sketch for a short time while we were resting. The vast collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is always nice to visit from time to time and I would definitely recommend going to whatever the featured exhibit next time you go.

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