The WIP: Floor Up

Welcome to another segment of, The Work In Progress. Marywood is full of beauty; even their elevators shine bright. “Floor Up” shows my version of a midday shine on the art building’s mechanical transporter.


Finding a good location was half of the battle. There are so many beautiful places to paint from. To share my excitement, I decided to give something typically looked over a chance to shine. I also got to experiment with the reflections from the elevator doors and the mirror beside it. I wanted to implement my love for the color blue into this semi-dull piece with more light. The greyed out tiles on the wall gave me the inspiration to use aquamarine blue with analogous colors of yellow and purple.


Experimenting with the perspective is also challenging, especially with the mirror. The tiles had to look realistic enough to actually be a reflection from the right. Also, after about 6 hours of just working on the perspectives, textures, and colors I had trouble with the elevator perspective. Either way, I wanted to get the tiles out of the way in order to later focus on the main contrast, the metallic elevator. The tweaking over the floor’s reflection would easily be covered by the grey oil paint.

Floor Up

After 3 more hours, I finished up the piece. To duplicate the focal point again onto the mirror wouldn’t work well, so I made it lighter, along with everything else seen on it. The rule of thirds definitely lets me want to look back on this piece, as well as through the variety of blue hues. Possibly a few changes could include adding more form to the elevator reflection, unifying the yellow wall, and tweaking the floor to be more precise; however, I don’t know if I should keep on making these types of pieces more realistic or not.

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