Summer Art History Bucket List

As the summer of 2017 begins, I have made it my mission to immerse myself in much more art than I had last summer. I became so wrapped up in my job that I forgot to take the time to just surround myself with great art. This summer will be different. In between bartending and taking summer classes, I will be checking off museums and activities from my “Summer Art History Bucket List”. I’ve included a few of my must do’s below.

The Getty Center

This summer, my family is taking a trip to California. The farthest West I have ever gone has been to the center of Pennsylvania, so it will be very different for me. On this trip, we will be doing tons of hiking and outdoorsy stuff like visiting the Redwood Nation Park, going snorkeling, and spending a day in the San Diego Zoo (my brother is really into animals). But, I hope that I can convince my family to spend an afternoon in the air conditioning to look at some art. The Getty is home to pre-20th-century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, and decorative arts; and 19th- and 20th-century American, Asian, and European photographs as well as outdoor sculpture.

The Getty

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

I (somehow) have still not been to the MoMA in New York City. I have visited the MET twice, but have not been to the MoMA. Hence, why I need to go this summer. It houses not only some of the most famous works of modern art in the world, but it also showcases the unique new ways artists are thinking about what art is.


The Broad

I hope this is another stop on my family’s trip to California. The Broad (rhymes with “road”) is a contemporary art museum that is located in Los Angeles. The collection houses incredible post-war and contemporary works that evoke an appreciation for art of the modern day. Also, the building itself is a work of art.

The Broad

National Gallery of Art

I always enjoy taking a trip to Washington D.C., especially since I only live an hour and a half away from the nation’s capitol. The National Gallery of Art is home to a wide spectrum of art history and houses prominent examples of painting and sculpture from some of the greatest artists of all time.

National Gallery of Art

If you have any suggestions of other art museums I should check out this summer, let me know in the comments area below!!

8 thoughts on “Summer Art History Bucket List

  1. Very exciting! There are so many possibilities, but since you said DC, you might check out the Freer, which has a great collection of Asian art (to prep you for the class on Asian art in the fall). If you’re in NY, pair your MOMA trip with some earlier art at the Frick and then go to the Cloisters—medieval art in northern Manhattan!

  2. As an Los Angeles art-lover, The Broad is one of my favorite places in the world. If you are heading out west this summer, that museum is definitely not one to miss. Check out my “10 Must-Sees at The Broad.” Happy visiting!

  3. It’s awesome to visit local universities and see projects and the galleries. I love the discounts on art supplies and the awesome take on what the school is learning. I’m a self taught artist by the way.

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