Summer Break and Caps

Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having a good start to their summer! I recently graduated from Marywood University with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this past Saturday!

So, let’s talk about graduation cap decorating. I had the freedom to decorate my cap for my graduation and it was loads of fun! I looked up ideas online and I found many beautiful caps with inspirational quotes, jokes, and flowers on them. I found myself endlessly scrolling to appreciate the effort these people put towards decorating their caps. Graduating is a special feeling it makes all the hard work, stress, and sleepless night worth it. Getting to celebrate, along with the peers you got to know and make lifelong connections with, and the teachers that have guided and helped you along the way is truly special. I knew that once I got my cap it was only a matter of time before I made it into something special.

The phrase, “shoot for the stars” stuck with me for a long time during my brainstorming phase so I decided to go with it. I drew a sketch of what I wanted and then I took off for Michaels to purchase my supplies. Black glitter scrapbook paper, glitter letters and stars, jewels, planets stickers, silver glitter, and ribbon is what it took to make my graduation cap decoration.

I was super happy with how my cap came out. I love the phrase’ “shoot for the stars” because it truly speaks to my character which is to always push yourself and never stop improving. I currently feel many things, like a sense of pride and accomplishment, my self-confidence is at an all-time high, and I feel unsure but eager to see where I will end up in life now that school is over. I’ve gone from having constant deadlines and assignments due, and stress to peace, quiet, and boring. In the meantime, I will be searching for internships to enrich my knowledge of art and design while I wait for my graduate program to start in July. I will also be writing for the blog in the summer and switching to blogging for printmaking in the fall semester so I have plenty to keep me busy this summer! Until next time!

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