Materials I Use For Glass Painting

Hello everyone! I wanted to show what materials I use for the glass paintings I do. First thing you are going to need is glass sheets from a picture frame preferably 8″ x 11″ or 9″ x 11″. You also will need a reference photo to put underneath, depicting what you want to paint.

In this picture, I have 9″ x 11″ glass and my reference on the right side. My reference is Porco Galliard from Attack on Titan. I put the reference underneath the glass which brings us to the next step.

The next step is to outline your design on top of the glass with Sharpie Oil Based Markers. Here I have a medium one for thicker lines and a fine tip for detailed lines. The reason why you need oil based is because once it dries, it’s smudge proof and it won’t get smeared while you paint. However, before you start painting, wait for the marker to dry on the glass.

The third step is to paint! You want to use acrylic paints for this and I suggest getting a 48 pack of any brand because you are going to need a lot of colors. For brushes I suggest to have a big one for big areas, a medium for kind of smaller areas and a small one for more detailed work. The trick is to glob the paint on there so make sure to mix a lot of the paint. You are going to need to put about 3 layers of paint in order for the color to be opaque on the other side when you flip it over. Start by doing the highlights first, then the shadows, and lastly the base color.

Porco Galliard Glass Painting

Lastly, when you are done painting you flip it over and this is the result you get when you are finished! After you are done, you can put your glass painting on the wall or display it somewhere.

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