The Beach

Hello Everyone! I had the chance to go to the Jersey Shore and spend it with family. It was nice to get away from the Pennsylvania Mountain scenery and see the beautiful side of Jersey. I spent all day on Saturday on the beach catching up with my family and also enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing through. It was a beautiful day and hot out, but the water was not swimming ready. It was freezing! Of course, I brought my camera and tried capturing what the beach had to offer!

I branched away from family and went to the beach with just my camera to capture the beauty of it.

The First image is of the beach houses creating this colorful line while the sun setting in the back. For the second picture, I used the wooden railing to create a somewhat leading line to the ocean in the background. The third, luckily I had my long lens to capture these two Seagulls. I was very happy when they were nicely sitting there because it was a bit tricky capturing them flying. And the last image, I used the wooden railing to create this frame of the high grass with the houses on the side. The sunset in the other direction created this dreamy look to my photographs.

I hope this post brought you calmness and looking forward to summer on the beaches!

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