Summer Commission

A few weeks before the semester ended my grandma asked me if I could find the time to paint a piece for her that she could frame and hang in her living room. Being the only artist in the family, I was very happy when she asked and I wanted to continue making art this summer anyways so how could I say no? 🙂

This was the first time someone asked me to make a specific piece of art for them and I found out that my grandma wants a still life painting of flowers. In the fall 2015 semester I completed a lot of paintings in my General Illustration I class including a painting of flowers I call Floral Remedies. Floral Remedies is an 11″ x 14″ acrylic painting on paper and my grandma wants me to create something similar for her. The painting doesn’t have to be the exact composition or an exact replica but I know she wants the same vibrant color scheme.

I haven’t started this project for my grandma yet but I really hope to soon. After all the stress from the end of the semester and finals it’s going to feel great to break out my paints again.

Here is Floral Remedies. 🙂

Floral Remedies1

Featured image:

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