Experiments With Light & Abstraction

In this, my first post for Where Creativity Works, I decided that I would show some of what I consider to be among my more fruitful instances of experimenting with light, abstraction, and agitating the camera’s body during exposure. A main point of emphasis in many of my photos is the intent to show things in a way that the eye typically could not see them, and this was the purpose I had in mind when shooting these photographs; and, to a certain extent, I like to think that I was successful.

Relics from last semester, the photos shown below were taken while I was waiting for my girlfriend’s shift to end and decided that I would make use of my time and take advantage of the instance before me, ripe with potential to capture images with a dreamy and ethereal connotation. It had just stopped raining and the air still hung heavy with moisture. The night was clear and quiet, with the exception of cars rolling by. The lights from the nearby storefronts were interacting in just such a particular way with the water droplets that still clung to nearby cars, it was exactly the kind of instance that I feel most drawn to. This situation was, to me, the type of situation that many photographers must encounter where I couldn’t possibly reconcile the idea of not shooting something; the conditions were so ideal and the fleeting nature of the weather ensures. Despite the dominant role that light plays in these photos, I feel as if the subject is truly the water droplets that were gathered on my car, without them the compositions of most of these pictures would be far less compelling.

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