Summer Flowers

I really love how much art I’ve been able to create thus far this summer, and I hope that continues well until the fall semester begins. I have to say, I don’t think I’ll be painting much of anything unless I have to, because I’ve painted an overwhelming amount this summer, when I’m used to being a lot more spontaneous in the mediums that I use to create. That’s not to say that I dislike painting, but I’ll be excited to branch out and explore some other creative mediums. 

This table that I painted was a fun project, although I will say it took quite some time to complete, although I am an expert in the art of procrastination and that certainly played a part; even so, knowing that it took a while to complete just made it all the more rewarding upon the completion. It started out as a bright pink table, however it was beginning to fade and there were some tarnishes on it that would be hard to simply clean off. So to begin the process of fixing up the table, I sanded it down and washed it. After it was clean, I sprayed it with the color “berry pink”, which was thankfully a very close shade to the original table. 

After it dried, I was able to sketch out the flower designs! I used watered down acrylic white paint as a sort of medium to sketch the flower designs, although I work in a way that I need to see part of the project complete so that I feel encouraged to actually finish it, so that is why there are completed flowers, and a lack of sketches elsewhere. I know it’s not smart to do that, especially because then the composition may not look as nice for whatever reason, but I do think that overall, the table looks quite nice. Really, all the process consisted of was sketching flowers after googling all the different kinds there are (and making up others), and then going back in and painting them. But because the acrylic paint was not super thick, even when I painted the flowers white as a base, I needed to paint over each petal and leaf a few times to get that fully saturated look.

I think my favorite part was outlining the flowers in black, because it needed fewer coats than the flowers themselves, and it felt really rewarding and cool to see them complete in a sense.

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