Summer Projects

Hello everyone! Hope your finals went well and that you all have gotten a chance to relax after all the stress! I’m really excited for summer for the big reason that I finally get to start my own webcomic. I’ve been doing a lot of research on it during my free times while class was on, and now that I have more time, I’d really want to jump in on something I’ve always wanted to do. And what better time than now?

I looked up all sorts of cool websites first and foremost, to find the right one to host my work. There are a ton, and I mean a TON, of websites that host comics and stories. You can make one on wordpress, or tumblr, or go to places like smackjeeves and tapastic! All are great choices, and all have their own merits. For now I think I decided to host on one of these sites, and at some point I want to move it over to it’s own website.

During this time, as many people who follow me on instagram may know, I’ve been working on character designs, and story lines. In my trusty sketchbook I’ve been working on doing thumbnails of my pages. I’ve been working on the story in a separate book to capture major points of the story I want to touch on as well. This has been the most fun, coming up with things that could fit into my little world, and being able to just pinpoint things that can and can’t work into the story. Should I include a love subplot? Should it touch on all my character’s back stories? Or only ones that are specific to the story? All of these have been things I’ve had to think about, and it’s honestly been a lot of fun!

On my own personal computer I have a program Clip Studio Paint, and it’s made specifically to make comics, (Whether web or physical, it covers all sorts of sizes!) This program is great too because you can do a black and white comic, or color, and it also shows you the lines for bleed and for where to place your word bubbles. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun to play with when just messing around and doing little comic strips, doesn’t have to be anything complicated like an epic!

screenshot of clip studio paint

For now I’ve planned out about 5 pages, and I want to see how I deal with those, before continuing. I want to set up a proper process, one that I can follow for the 10+ chapters I have planned. I’m not letting myself get deterred or scared by how much work it’ll be, I’m just looking forward to getting this story out, and being able to get a big project like this underway!

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