Summer Lists

Now that school is out (and I’m not taking any summer classes for the first time in YEARS), I find myself wanting to make a plan to help me keep my creative mindset active all the way to fall semester. I’m definitely not the “planner” type, but I do have a thing for lists. Lists of all kinds, be they digital, handwritten, or scribbled on a sticky note, can be found in every bag, drawer, or pocket in my immediate vicinity. So instead of setting a timeline of goals, which seems too structured and stressful for me, I’ve been working on some lists of little things/ideas/tasks that I think will help me be more artistically productive.

My List of Lists, So Far:

  • Books to read: These are mostly artist biographies, and some research articles about aesthetics and ideas relevant to my own work.
  • Organize art supplies: I think we all understand how much random stuff we accumulate in the most unexpected places after a year of studio classes.
  • Buy more art supplies: This is the logical next step after getting rid of old stuff, right?
  • Sketchbook prompts: So I am terrible at keeping sketchbooks. Like, really terrible. But I am consistent in trying to get better, and I very much need one central place to record my process while I’m working through thesis material next semester.
  • Jewelry Inspiration: I’ve gotten really into making my own jewelry (and some pieces for friends) ever since my Jewelry/Metals classes, and I’m looking for some new ideas to try out in my free time. Why buy when you can make?

Now all that’s left to do is physically check off boxes on these lists as I complete them this summer. Or, I can make more lists. We’ll see.

Featured Image: detail From the Series Entitled “Sum Over Histories”: Timescape #5 Over the Landscape of the Pacific Ocean, 2011, by Alice Aycock

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