Summer Update

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week! I suddenly realized it was nearing the end of July, meaning I only have a little over a month until I move back to school. While I’m excited for the next semester, I feel so behind on the pieces I wanted to finish this summer. So, as a little motivation for myself, I’d like to show you all the two pieces I’ve been working (and procrastinating) on!

I started this piece earlier in the summer. I had a few large canvases left over from my painting class, and felt the need to make something that wasn’t a still life. I was greatly inspired by Tahlia Stanton, whom I wrote about a few months ago. I love how she portrays the human figure, especially how loose she is with the paint. While I’ve always been the type to meticulously blend paint until it’s flawless, over the past year I’ve become so fascinated with leaving marks the way Stanton does. I started with the background, using green and yellow acrylic paint, applying it haphazardly, and letting it all drip and mix together. I then went in to paint the figure using the same green and yellow, as well as a red to create more depth. I used oil paint for the roses because I wanted them to stand out a bit more. My plan was to add in sunflowers with the roses to create the illusion of hair, and paint butterflies across the chest with some flying into the background on the figure’s right hand side. I really like what I have so far, and I’m confident I can finish this and create something I’m proud of.

I started this second piece more recently. I started out by writing on a canvas things that have been stressing me out lately. I then painted over it with pinks, yellows, and white acrylic so that you can tell that the words are there, but you can’t really read them. My plan was to paint a snake surrounded by flowers as a symbol of growth. Snakes have always been my favorite animal – a fact my friends have made fun of me for. Snakes have long since been a symbol of evil and deceit. They are considered dangerous for simply acting upon instinct for self defense. However, snakes can also be a symbol of new beginnings. They shed their old skin to reveal a brand new start at life. That’s what this piece is supposed to be about. I started the flowers using POSCA pens, but ended up not liking it (which is okay! The point is to try new things and keep moving forward). I’m in the process of painting over them, intending to make them daffodils, which are symbols of rebirth and hope. I then have to go in a finish the details on the snake, and add in leaves as a pop of green, which I think with add to the piece nicely.

My hope is to finish both of these before I go back to campus in August. I know I have a busy few weeks ahead of me, so wish me luck! If I can’t finish them, then that’s okay – there’s always winter break!

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