I like to urge both myself and those around me to really take notice to the small things in life that happen to us. Do you see a pattern? Maybe too many coincidences have happened lately for them to really be considered coincidences. There is one big reason for everything that chooses to make itself known to us. We have no control over our destinies other than our job to sit back and enjoy the ride. As I get older and closer to a career in my field I realize that there are certain things I have taught myself, or learned from experience, that I want to make my peers and my students aware of. Just those things that help us keep the faith in our journey and what we are ultimately supposed to be focusing on.

When these little reminders happen in your life, take that extra moment to consider why each one is there. Why did it decide to present itself? Who was with you? Where were you at the time it occurred? This all might sound slightly cryptic but we each can relate to that one situation that seems to keep happening, secretively pushing you toward a goal or enlightenment that you didn’t know was there, but really was the whole time. My example in this little rant is this…I spoke recently about travel, and an inspiring trip to Bethlehem Pa. During that trip I stumbled upon a huge feather on the ground between two historic buildings, on a quiet but beautiful sunny day. I have heard that finding feathers is a sign of good luck to come. Now…that trip was weeks ago and guess what? I have come across three more feathers in my travels since then. Coincidence? I’m not entirely sure but I would like to think there is a bigger reason for all of it. Every time it happens I stop and think, making sure the universe knows I’ve acknowledged it, hoping good fortune will come soon after.

All I would like to share here is just a small reminder that the little things in life are the most important. My family, friends, peers, and students will hear me say this almost every day. These feathers have popped up too often for me to not take the time to mention what it may mean. I still don’t know what it is…but I know it is going to be good.

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