Take a Look Back

A lot of back and forth has been happening in the life of this Art Ed major; a particularly large amount of doubt and fear, just to name a few. However, I have found a way to keep myself going and I highly recommend you follow my lead!

We all have things that make us so genuinely happy that all we want to do is jump up and down (or maybe the jumping is just me). They can be the smallest, simplest things but it is those that hold the most meaning for us. For me, I like to go back to the days where I first experienced my favorite pieces of art. I look back on those moments when I was the nerd in class who couldn’t help but smile and gasp at a piece with an incredible back story. I would sit right in the front of my art history class and furiously take notes because I didn’t want to miss a syllable of information. I was so engaged in an ancient world that basked in the idea of talent and beauty and art. It was magnificent to get lost in centuries of life and movement in just a short college class. These are the moments that I like to look back on. When I couldn’t contain my excitement at something so beautiful and incredible.

I flipped through a book recently, as well, ironically titled The Art Book. It held so many photos of beautiful work that it made me so happy to re-experience, to be able to say I have seen some in person, and to have the desire to share it with others. As I embark on my 5-week span of working with teachers and students, I feel extremely excited to take the enthusiasm and love for art, that I have gained from my own personal experience and some fantastic teachers, and give it to the next generation of artists and art lovers alike. Look back on the moments that make you the absolute happiest and find a way to share it with others. You never know what you may accomplish.

The featured image at the top of this blog post is one of my favorite pieces by Auguste Rodin entitled The Kiss. This is one piece that makes me so happy to experience and completely emotional when I look at it. This is the type of thing we need to hold onto in our days of doubt.

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