Park Güell

Despite the overall crowdedness/hecticness, Park Güell proved to be quite the magical place. You’ve most likely seen pictures of the park before, and are familiar with its organic architecture and mosaic decoration.

What you can’t tell from the pictures, though, is how small park really is. Without the crowd, you could easily walk around and see everything in about 10-15 minutes—that is, if you didn’t really spend time to look at every incredible little detail. My favorite part about the park was, in fact, the little details. Everywhere you looked, there seemed to be a new, unique mosaic or pattern that you had to take in/stare at for a long, long time.

Something interesting about the park: although today it is open for the public to enjoy and explore, it was originally created as a space for wealthy people to live in. However, the park was too far away from the city, and nobody wanted to live in it—lucky for us!

It would be useless for me to try and explain what the park looked like, since words would never do it justice, so check out some of the pictures I took!

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