Let’s Go to the City!

My absolute favorite thing about Marywood’s Art Department is by far the New York City trips each semester! For one, it only costs twenty five dollars! How could I say no?! Plus, you do not even have to worry about driving there and finding parking somewhere because bus transportation is provided, just be sure to make the bus back to Marywood at the end of the day!

The bus drops everyone off in the Chelsea district but the city is pretty much yours to wander. It is a fantastic experience as an art student because there is so much to explore especially museum and gallery wise! And, at least for me the city is a vast work of art! Every time I visit there is always something visually new and beautiful, so I can never leave my camera behind! You never know what you will see around every corner, so I always make sure I am prepared.

I would definitely encourage any of the art students to go! It is a great way to get involved and meet new people. I know when I first started college, I was very hesitant getting involved in events because I was/still can be very shy but participating has had a very positive impact on myself, especially with overcoming my shyness.

Going on the trips also provides a great opportunity to see others artworks, current works that are being created today and the history behind them! It is such an easy access, I do not see why anyone would not want to go!

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