Teaching Art

I just want to take a moment to brag about some of my amazing students!   I have been teaching private art lessons for about a year now, and I have to say that these girls are incredible artists. They have come so far in our weekly hour meetings!  These two young ladies decided to start taking art lessons with me to enhance the skills that they already had, so we jumped right in the first week.  I started out with a drawing exercise to get to know more about who my students were and where their skill level was.  I was amazed at how much talent they had!

Baby Giraffe Drawing

We then moved to a more long term project.  The girls worked on them for months on end, painting the tulips in watercolor so precisely.  The paintings turned out so well and the girls were naturals- they picked up the new medium without hesitation!

The last project, that will be completed this week, is a Surrealist piece.  This project is so much fun and it allows my students’ personalities to truly shine through!  One of my students decided to complete her piece with cross hatching and the other stippling.  Here are some images of the girls working on them:

Again and again, they continue to astonish me with their talent.  I am super excited to see what amazing work these young ladies continue to create, and these lessons have made me eager to start student teaching in the spring!

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