Copper Cuff 

Last week in my post, Paper Model, I had a picture of a model I was using to make a copper cuff. This week I finished it but it looks a lot different than the model. I used the same pattern but bent the pieces instead of leaving them flat. The sheet of metal was very thin making it easy to move so I did not heat the metal. Heating the metal makes it easier to bend into the shape you want.

I wanted the cuff to also act as a ring. In order to do this without cutting off or adding any pieces I used the metal as a diamond shape. The tip of the top part of the diamond reached my finger far enough and the bottom tip reached my wrist. It just took some time to come up with a design that would act as a bracelet and a ring at the same time. Eventually, I just used a strip of metal from each side and curled it around my finger to make a ring. I also took two strips from each side and wrapped them around my palm too. I thought that it would add a little more decoration to the cuff. When I showed it to the class some people said it looked like a dragon and others said a bird. I just like the design but what it looks like is up to the viewer.

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