This past week I decided to throw some more mugs, because who doesn’t love mugs? I have a lot of requests for them already for the holiday season, so I figured I’d get started. I like the form of this mug, it has a big belly and comes in a bit at the top. I added a nice handle as well, but I didn’t get a picture of it, so check back soon to see what that looks like!

I let this mug dry a little too long before trimming it, so traditional trimming wasn’t going to work. In order to lighten this mug up, I decided to carve chunks out because the walls were thick enough. This wound up giving the mug a beautiful, charming texture all around! I made a few mugs last year with this texture, but I made the mistake of putting a thick, matte glaze on which subsequently filled the wholes up and made them barely noticeable. So this time I’ll make sure to choose a light transparent glaze that will settle in the little notches just enough to accent them!

In order to make the texture, I took my small wooden trimming tool and used the rounded loop end. I then proceeded to dig into the wall of my mug, supporting the inside with my other finger to ensure I didn’t go through the wall. I then continued to carve out small chunks in all different directions. I’m pretty happy with the results, so check back soon if you’d like to see the finished product!

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