The Art of Star Wars

Star Wars is a phenomenon widely loved by thousands upon thousands of devoted fans

The artwork behind creating the Star Wars movies goes without many knowing how much actually goes into it. There is so much that the artists of the movies do to create the droids, character costumes, spaceships, and more. Recently at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida there were a few panels held with the most creative minds talking about the artwork behind the creation of Star Wars. This included Doug Chiang and a group of creators who worked on the making of Rouge One.

In the panel with Doug Chiang, he went through his process of illustrating his own characters. He started off by explaining where and how he gets his ideas and references from. Because he works a lot on the robots of Star Wars, Chiang looks at many types of machinery and machine parts to help with the designs of the robots. He then went through his creative process a little more by explaining that he uses sticky notes to help shape out his robot to see if a design works and going through and refining it on each sticky note. Chiang then took the final design off the sticky note and began to make a larger version of it. Some other materials that he noted were a variety of grey Prismacolor markers, white pearl acrylic paint, a blue drawing pencil, and a straight edged triangular ruler. He also explained that when he is drawing to keep the sketching loose because the main goal is to be able to sell the idea first. Then, when approved, all the details can be added later on.

The panel group included Rayne Roberts, Doug Chiang, John Knoll, and Matthew Wood. The creators of Rouge One did some pretty cool stuff making this movie such as animating an actor who is no longer alive and making it look like an actual person and designing an entire set that is on the computer. Grand Moff Tarkin, who was originally played by Peter Cushing, who has passed many years ago, made an appearance in Rouge One. They made this character completely digitally and was voiced by Guy Henry. Watching this movie it was hard to tell that Moff Tarkin was all computer made, the creators did an amazing job recreating him to make him look realistic. To create some of the scenes in Rouge One the creators first made a sketch of the set, transferring it on the computer and making a 3D rendering of it which allowed them to walk through it as though they were there. This made it easier to make the proportions of the set and to see if the overall design would actually work in the movie instead of spending a ton of money on a set in person to find that it does not work well. It is amazing what technology nowadays can do and what creators can do with certain programs to make the effects in movies.

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