The Internship 

I’m in my junior year and that means that I have one more year until I graduate. It will honestly be here before I know it. I made it a goal to find an internship this summer so that I could have some more experience under my belt. I not only got an internship but also a job offer at Wisnosky Jewelers in Tunkhannock, Pa. It’s more than I could have hoped for because I wasn’t sure what my next steps were when I graduated. For me this is a dream come true that I get to work with experienced people in the field I wanted to get into. The business is close to home so I don’t have to leave the area which was something I was concerned about.

I start as soon as this semester is over and I will be working full time. The good part is that the owner is willing to work with my school schedule so I can focus on finishing my senior year. After I graduate I will continue to work there and grow with the business. It’s an amazing opportunity and I had to write a post about it. I can’t wait until this summer and start my new job!

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