The Beauty in Flowers

As we all know by now, over the summer I have been experimenting with different mediums to create artworks. These past two weeks I have been thinking about wire. Wire is a medium that I use less than pen, and I rarely ever use pen. However, similar to pen, wire has also been something that is intriguing to me in the back of my mind. Due to this, I decided to grab some extra gold wire I had lying around, with the rest of my extra art materials, and started playing with it. Originally I did not have a plan about what I was going to make or what was going to happen but I knew I would figure something out because this is the process that I always go through. I rarely start with a plan, then I trust my intuition and skills enough to gain inspiration through the first few movements of art making.

When using the wire, I started to bend and twist a piece into a simple shape that turned out to remind me of a flower petal, and because of these first few movements, I figured out an idea in which to reach for.

Once I made my first flower petal, I decided to create more of them in different sizes. So, I created seven more petals – four longer petals and three shorter ones. I did not necessarily choose to create eight in total, nor was the number of petals part of the plan. However, I would like to think that it is a decent start using materials that I am unfamiliar with. Once I created all eight petals, I twisted them together to make three little flower groups – one with three long petals, one with two long petals, and one with three small petals. Then, I asked my roommate if she had any extra wire that I could use, and she did! She had a few more colors than I did, including black, red, silver, green, and rose gold. I chose to use the black, red, and rose gold. I first started with twisting the rose gold up the stem, then I took the black and wrapped it around the bottom as an indication of roots. Finally, I took the red and twisted it up the stem of the two longer flower groups. I chose not to put red on the shorter flower because at the last minute I changed my mind and decided I did not want all of them to look the same. I did not complete this project in the way that I imagined it, but that’s because my vision was to place the flowers into Styrofoam to stand them up and represent the idea of real flowers. I did not get to that part simply because I have been very busy with other things and have not had the chance to go buy the materials.

Besides placing my flowers into Styrofoam, I enjoyed this little project because I got to work with another medium that I haven’t used before. I would like to say that it may have even “scratched and itch” that I did not know I had.

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