The Beginning

Hi Everyone!


As the summer approaches I am looking forward to new projects to do outside in the nice weather, like planting flowers in my pots. But until the rain and cold weather leaves completely, I have been going on different day trips with my mom on the weekends.

We recently went to Lancaster, PA and shopped around for the day. There are a lot of different types of crafts and handmade art in Lancaster. As we were shopping around, we found this tiny ceramic shop that had all handmade pottery.

I was so amazed with the styles and glazes, so I talked to the owner of the shop, and she told me her husband made all of this pottery. He had some very unique pieces that he deigned and he creates his own glazes. This glazes he made are so vibrant and he liked to include drips of different colors on his pieces. The stuff he made looked absolutely perfect!

IMG_7591.jpgThis picture is just a small section of this shop, he had much larger pieces all around his shop like vases and pitchers. There were multiple pieces in every style in many different colors and combinations. I was completely amazed with all of his work, and they were not overly priced for homemade pottery. I wanted to buy everything! I would definitely recommend traveling to Lancaster for a day trip because everything there is definitely homemade. Even if you leave there without buying anything, it really give you a some inspiration for different projects.

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