The Bigger the Better!

The more I play around with different shape and color combinations in my paintings my mind starts to imagine them being much larger. So I decided to put my thoughts on the canvas. With a larger space to work on I can create larger shapes. Another thing to think about is the amount of paint I’ll need to cover this space. In my case I wanted to use a lot of paint and since I’m a broke college art student house paint seemed to be the best option. I went to Walmart and took a look through the premade house paints that were marked down in price. I found two large cans of latex colors I thought might be nice to start with, bronze orange and lighter cobalt blue. I also got a smaller can of eggshell white. It was nice to not worry about how much paint I was using and just really slop it on the canvas. Working this large helps me to keep all parts of the painting open. With the first painting I used just the three colors of house paint and then for the second painting I used just the blue and white and added so of my other acrylics to those to get the colors I wanted. I haven’t worked in acrylic in awhile so it was nice to approach it in this way to start off. I am really happy with both of these paintings and I am already onto the next one. Everything I have been working on this semester finally feels like its all coming together.


Acrylic on canvas. 48×58.



Experimenting with the house paint and tape before I started the paintings above..



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