The Designers Worst Enemy

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have been busy working as a full time graphic artist! In my free time, my favorite thing to do is scroll through all of my social media. The other day I came across an add for a website that advertised that their computer can create a completely unique logo for your brand in under 5 minutes and for as low as 3.99 a month which is billed annually. Included in their basic package includes: Holiday logos, and an online basic brand guideline.

You may be asking me why I consider something like this the worst enemy of designers… Well, let me tell you why. Graphic designers put a ton of work, time, energy, patience, and sometimes even tears, into their work. With websites like these, they are completely dismissing and undermining all of that hard work that goes into creating a unique and effective design.

To see what I was up against, I decided to see what my logo should look like according to them. The results were quite simply, disappointing. The logos they generated for me were very basic, and you could tell a designer did not create them. They use maybe 4 fonts at most, and overall they looked generic. I could put any other companies name there and it would look exactly the same. I retook their 10 question quiz with different answers and the logos were pretty much the same every time.

If you want a truly personalized, and unique logo for your brand and company, shop small as they say. Discover a designer who could really make your brand radiate through your logo. As mentioned in previous posts, your logo is often the first thing a customer see’s and sometimes can influence whether or not they shop with you. So please, before you turn to a website for a “quick alternative” think about hiring a graphic designer.

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